How to get through self-isolation as a couple?

Being lonely at home can be as difficult as being home with our partners. Sometimes it is truly testing experience for some couples. There are partners who have never spent this much time together. Lots of couples have not made it. And lots of others are stronger than ever. But both ways, some tips, how to spend time may be appreciated.

Every evening or even morning can be very same these days. What are we going to cook next? What are we going to order next? What are we going to do another weekend together? Try this:

Cottage time – Did you know, you can still ren a cottage? Sometimes only a change of environment can make things better. A different fresher air can clear our minds and give us some more inspirations of what to do. Once you would have to make a fire in chimney, or pick some woods in forests, play cards or table games.


Separate times – A weekend with girls or weekend with guys for the couples can be very appreciated. Just small break from each other will make you look forward seeing each other again. And you will have chance to miss each other for change.

Intimate massage – Focus on your bodies in different perspective. It is high chance, that you know your partner´s body very well, but intim massage can help you experience the body of your loved one in a different way. You can create a special moment with different music and atmosphere. And it will be a unique way for both of you to relax and have an intimate and erotic time the way you haven´t tried before.


A change – you could literally change anything you do just to experience something new. Let´s say, If you tend to watch the same genres of movies, just watch different one for now. If you tend to do same activities (drinking, smoking, playing games), just do different ones. Stop drinking for some time, stop smoking for some time, try different games, try different books, try different sports. If you go for running in the same area, go to different one. Literally every change will move your chakras and give you a different perspective.